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What if I could teach you to grow a highly engaged audience around what you love most, and said that you didn’t need to post selfies or run ads to do it, would you be down?


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Who’s this Steve guy? Steve Mellor is a Content Creator, Social Media Expert, Growth Hacker, and Entrepreneur, who’s going to help you realize the power of building a personal brand through Social Media.

He grew a 100K follower audience, in one year, on the back of content and strategy. An expert at Social Media Marketing and designer by heart, he now teaches creatives how to build a highly engaged audience online.

What started out as just sharing his passion on Instagram, turned into him becoming a content producing machine. Steve churned out hundreds of carousels and stories, that have generated millions of views and massive amounts of engagement. Now he wants to pass that knowledge on to you and help you build your personal brand through social media.

He is also the creator of Flocked, the wildly popular caption app for Instagram, which helps you write clean, well-formatted captions. Flocked hit 30K monthly active users in 6 months, all without a single ad or paid promotion. Check out all the rage yourself at or if you’re feeling adventurous, try the web app.

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