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Three big areas that people take for granted with content creation are The Hook, The Caption, and the Call To Action.

Regardless of what type of content you are making, these 3 elements need to be a part of it. and no, a Call To Action doesn’t mean that you have to be salesy either it simply means that you want to ‘call them’ to do some sort of ‘action’.

A quick example, if I’m creating an instagram post about this, in my caption I may put something like ‘💾 Save this post as your go to resource for hooks’.

People have so much going on when they’re scrolling through a never ending stream of content that they’re not even paying attention that they’re conditioned to keep swiping.

How do you fix that? you tell them exactly what to do.


“do this…”

“save this…”

“comment below if…”

Take charge of your audience and tell them what to do.

Now if you want a copy of this resource click below to download it. (see what I did right there? 😅)


This is a big swipe file full of 99 viral hooks, captions, and call-to actions to help transform your content from average to binge-worthy over night.

That’s a wrap for today…

Talk soon,
– sm