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How to Optimize Your Instagram Bio For Growth

How to Optimize Your Instagram Bio

Most peoples Instagram bios are boring and poorly crafted

A Bad profile translates to:
• Poor audience growth
• Less engagement
• Confused customers
• Fewer sales

A Good profile profile:
• Converts viewers to followers
• Positions you as the authority / expert
• Gets more link clicks
• Generates more sales

Steve Mellor here, and over the last 3 years I’ve built an audience of over 280K+ followers organically, my content has been viewed and shared over 70 million times, and I’ve taught hundreds of other entrepreneurs, marketers, and creatives how to grow and monetize their brands on Instagram and TikTok.

Having a perfectly crafted profile is only one piece of the puzzle. Feel free to use this as a blueprint, or share this with someone who will benefit from having a strong Instagram profile.

Hopefully this serves you well.

Alright lets get into it 👇

There are 8 main parts to a well crafted Instagram Profile. Some hold more weight than others, but each one plays a specific part.


  • Profile Picture
  • Username
  • Name
  • Bio
  • Call To Action
  • Action Buttons
  • Story Highlights
  • Grid / Feed

1. Profile Picture

Tips for a good profile picture

Your profile photo is one of the most critical parts of your bio and the first thing that people see inside the app > first impressions matter

  1. Your face for personal brands – or – your logo for brand pages
  2. Make sure the logo is clear, crisp, and shows most of your face (personal brands). No pixelation!
  3. Pick a brand color for a background or a background that is less distracting to the eye
  4. Don’t leave the default grey image
  5. Make sure this matches across all of your social profiles
  • If your customers are on one platform, they’re most likely on others too.

2. Username

Pick a name that has staying power and is niche agnostic

This is the name that people will search you by and will also be your specific URL on Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin, etc.

You don’t want to choose a niche specific name and then find out you don’t want to be in that niche after a year

side: I’ve made this mistake before and grew to 50K followers (as @uxsteven) before switching my name to what it is currently (@thestevenmellor). It took a lot of prep work and going back through old content to update everything, which is a huge pain in the ass.

Avoid special characters, underscores, markup

Aside from being generally unpleasant to read, it’s hard to tell people to look you up and hard for people to search for you if they’re not copy and pasting.

The Shorter the Better

Usernames are like domain names, the shorter and more human readable they are, they better they perform.

Pick one that you can secure on all of the major platforms

The major ones to scoop up your username on: Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat, Gmail, YouTube (if possible), Facebook

Even if you never plan on using those other accounts, let people search for you and then use the bio and link on that platform to redirect them back to your main account, your website, or a newsletter.

3. Bio Name

Your name is what shows up on your profile and inside other people’s Messages tab. • There’s no longer a 30 character limit on Instagram. • Can only change it twice in a 14 day period • Can use keywords for better SEO

[ Name + Niche Keyword(s)] Example: Steve | Marketing & Branding

This style is preferred

• Puts you on a first name basis

• Helps you stand out in the DM’s on Instagram

4. Bio

Your bio should speak to your ideal customer / follower. They should say to themselves when they get there and read your bio “this is the person / company I’ve been searching for!”

Here are the 4 parts you need in your bio to help convert more visitors into followers

Line 1: The elevator pitch

The elevator pitch tells them who you are, what you’re for & why they should care

Line 2: Your authority / expertise

What’s your big thing, what are you known for, back up what you’re saying above

Line 3: Additional expertise (optional)

Support details can go in line 3 (if needed). Mostly you can get away with skipping line 3 and going right to line 4.

Line 4: Call To Action statement

No one is clicking your bio link (url) if you don’t make it obvious that they should.

Take this opportunity to tell the user why they should click or what they should expect when they click.

example: ”Download my free Hooks guide” 🔗

There’s immediate trust built after the user clicks on that link and it displays what you told them it would.

Do not ‘Bait and Switch’ — Don’t tell them one thing and have them click on the link only to get something completely different. You’ll crush your

5. Website URL

Your website URL where you want to push people to deepen the conversation / relationship with you.

This could be a YouTube channel, a newsletter signup, a page full of additional links.

Here are the best practices👇

Branded domain names work best

Avoid using link shorteners, as they’ve been marked as spam by Instagram before

Build your own link page like this one ( or at a minimum use a service like LinkTree (

6. Story Highlights

Story Highlights deserve a section on their own, but here’s the skinny on what to put there and some guidelines to follow.

Story highlights are perfect for keeping impactful stories available as evergreen content.

Story highlights never expire

You can save up to 100 stories per highlight

You can have up to 100 highlights Clever uses of Story Highlights: • Client testimonials • Product features • Client / Personal Results • Mini webinar • Q&A section • Start Here section • About me • Service highlights • link to other socials (YouTube, Twitter, etc) • Promotions ⚠️ Keep Story Highlights relevant and new(er) if possible

7. Grid/Feed

Your Feed (or Grid) in your profile should speak to your ideal customer / follower and solve their pains and answer their questions.

Curate this section — it MATTERS!

People don’t want to take the time to curate their feed, to design it, to make it visually appealing, but that’s exactly what this app was built on — visual appeal. That’s the exact User Experience they’ve crafted to help you stand out with creative content.

Besides, a good looking feed will 1. stop the scroll, 2. get them to click into the content, 3. build trust.

Remember the old adage when thinking about your feed — ’you only get one chance to make a first impression’

How to apply this:

Update: Use the pinned content to control your first 3 posts — this is a great way to freshen up the look of your profile while not having to recreate content.

Make sure the first 9-12 posts are aligned to your niche (if you’re just starting out)


Make sure you publish 9-12 more pieces of content to speak to your ideal customer / follower

This is for personal brands as well as businesses.

Unless you’re a celebrity, think about what is in it for the user looking at your profile.

If you’ve found this useful, then share it with a friend who needs to overhaul their Instagram.

Hope that helps!

Where to go from here

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